Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My trip to Ireland!

So, I finally got a stamp on my passport! Last month I went to Ireland for ten days with my mom and two sisters. We had the best time! Ireland is a BEAUTIFUL country and if you have never gone you really need to go, you will not be dissapointed. I'll be posting pictures all week so keep checking back. We flew out of JFK in NY, straight to Shannon Airport in Ireland.

We flew Aer Lingus, it was ok, but I honestly was expecting better. Our seats were very cramped!
I had total jet lag when we arrived because I had only slpt an hour the night before we left and I did not sleep in the plane. We left NY at 6:30PM, the flight took about 7 hours and we arrived at 6:30AM. I had another whole day to be awake and I was already feeling like a zombie! Our first hotel was nice. It was the Bunratty Castle Hotel in Clare.

Most hotel rooms in Ireland use twin beds. The rooms were very nice and comfortable and we didn't have any problems with our electrical items, we brought an adapter.

Right behind the hotel was an old church and grave yard. It wasn't creepy at all. I actually found it quite beautiful and peaceful.

I loved all the celtic crosses

Across the street from the hotel were some cute shops and Bunratty Castle

A short walk from the castle was Bunratty Folk Park

It was like a small town with lots of old buildings to look through.

Saw lots of cottages with real thatched roofs!

This was taken inside Bunratty Castle, it was really quite beautiful!

Another from the main room. I'll post more later. I took lots of pictures, I hope you enjoy them!

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