Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Sunday again! Man this always sneaks up one me. I almost didn't try it because I forgot to take my camera with me the other day to get a sign picture, so I ended up taking a picture of a sign that is in my house!

First - Self Portrait, oh how I love these..... NOT, that is why I am behind the camera!

Second - Handmade. This is a bracelet I made a few years ago. It was fun, I think I was into jewlery making for a whole week. Atleast my interest in photography hasn't wained!

Third - Orange. My daughter thinks her hair is orange... it does actually look red in this picture. Today we put on those paint on highlights. She was not too happy, now her hair has soft orange highlights, not the blond she was hoping for.

Fourth - Candle, nuff said.

Fifth - Here is my sign. It used to hang in our family room but my husband said it was an insult to him since he is a golf pro and a scratch player..... maybe I'll give it to my dad, it's more his style!

Thanks for looking! To see more or play along head on over to


  1. These are all so good - I really like your selfie.

  2. Neat textures in these pictures! I like them all!

  3. Wonderful shots! Your daughter and her portrait are beautiful!

  4. Your daughter has beautiful hair! Love the candle shot and the editing on it as well :)

  5. Love your daughters orange hair!! seriously beautiful!! fun self pic too... I hid a little too!! ha ha! I hate pics of myself since kids... my lips are slanted now!! ugh~~ and one eye has become lazy!! sheesh! ;)

  6. Very creative to show off your bracelet on a pumpkin! The orange compliments the blue so wonderfully.


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