Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A love letter to Kitty Paw!

Ashley Sisk is having a contest for love letters to her cat Kitty Paw. Well my cutie pie Boo was all up for that! Here is his letter:

I hope you like it Kitty Paw, cause we LUV you!!!!!


  1. That is super sweet and Mr. Boo looks dashing in his white top hat! Kitty Paw is quite impressed.

  2. this is soo adorable hehe i love it

  3. Perfect verse! Mr. Boo is handsome!

  4. Very cute, Mr. Boo is Bootiful! :-)

  5. Oh I love your edit and your rhyming there! How cute :-))

  6. This is so cute! Mr. Boo is adorable!

    William the Orange has entered also and he (and his mom) are now followers of your blog :-)

  7. What a fancy hat you have, Mr. Boo! Very cute!


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