Saturday, September 17, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Well so much for blogging more often. Atleast I was able to get my photos for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

1. Street Photography

Ok, technically I didn't take this on the street, but I did take my camera out with me to an antique store to take some shots. I felt kinda weird but there were so many cool things to take shots of. I've seem these masks before in photos and I think they are SUPER CREEPY!

2. From a distance

Just an interesting shot of a long hallway, it's hard to see what's at the end.

3. Sunday

I took this photo last Sunday. My daughter actually posed for me and I was able to get quite a few good shots!

4. Liquid

A long time ago these old bottles used to be filled with sweet liquid. Now they are just filled with dust, but they still look cool!

5. Behind

This photo of my daughter is an example of shooting with the sun behind the subject. It usually creates a nice glow around the hair. I love this shot!

Well that's it for my shots this week, I hope you enjoyed them. To see more or play along, head on over to:


  1. Beautiful work this week - I especially like your from a distance shot. Love that it feels like it's going on and on.

  2. These are great! Love your from a distance shot!

  3. The photos of your daughter are just fabulous. The light is so pretty in the last one. Did you use a reflector or maybe there was a natural reflector in front of her? I really need to practice my portrait photography! Love the old bottles shot too. This gives me an idea since my boys love to keep their glass bottles.

  4. Really like the perspective on your distance shot. Makes me want to wander down that hallway to see what is at the other end.


  5. Really lovely images this week, especially of your daughter, gorgeous!! Love the "from a distance" great perspective!!

  6. LOVE your From a Distance shot!

    You're so lucky to have such a great model in your daughter. :)

  7. Love your from the distance perspective. And your daughter is gorgeous.

  8. Beautiful shots. I love that last one. So gorgeous.


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