Thursday, November 3, 2011

Edit me challenge!

Our tiny BIG Life

Another edit me photo challenge! I loved this picture of a vintage camera so I thought I would play around with it and see how I could edit it. Here is the original:

I don't own Photoshop. I used Paintshop Pro X2 for my editing. I used multiple textures to create this look. I also cropped it pretty tight to really focus on the camera itself.

Let me know what you think! To see more great edits head on over to:


  1. I think this looks really neat. I also love your crop.

  2. The crop was perfect and I love how it now looks edited.

  3. Great edit! Love the texture you used!

  4. The tight crop is very nice, and I love how everything works together in your edit to make it shine! The texture isn't overwhelming, and the tone is lovely!


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