Thursday, August 9, 2012

More stunning views from Ireland!

So if you haven't noticed Ireland is a BEAUTIFUL country. Ten days was not nearly enough time for me to take all the photographs I would love to have taken! Here are a bunch more of some more of the beautiful views!

This was a door at Knappogue Castle. We had a dinner banquet and show there.

The view in front of the castle

Another shot of thatched roofs in Bunratty Folk Park

We passed this golf course and it had cows all over it! They all walk when they play golf in Ireland, unlike America where we all like to ride in carts.

This remains of a castle was right next to hole on the course. All castle ruins are preserved in Ireland, they can not be torn down. I loved seeing them all over the landscape!

This was our second hotel. The Raddison Blu Hotel in Galway. It was the most modern place we stayed.

The tour bus drove all oversouthern Ireland and stopped at certain places for us to take pictures. If I had been smart I would have taken some notes on where we were. Look at that house! Can you imagine living there, what a view!

More great views!

Sheep are ALL over ireland. We saw some horses too but I didn't get any pictures of them. Apparently they raise pigs too but they are mostly in the north so we didn't see any.


Ok, again, do you see that house and that view????

I still have lots more photos so keep checking back!

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