Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Photo Hunt Challenge!

Well this is the first photo hunt challenge I've I've done. It really was a lot of fun. I didn't have to use any archived photos either!

1. Flag  -  I went with an American flag since I am an American!

2. Comfortable - My bed, nothing is more comfortable than this!
3. In Season -  I went with cantalope. We just love any type of melon at our house. This one was really juicy!
4. Feet - These are my daughters lovely piggies.
5. Repetition - This is a rather dirty, but very long fence at the golf course where my husband works.
6. Culture or Ethnicity - I am Irish, so I went with my Irish jewlery.

7. Contrast - I like the dark and light shadows in this picture of my daughter.
8. Indulgence - My husband loves this beer as a special treat. He says it's dark and rich and heavy. It's also quite expensive so it is an indulgence when I buy it for him!

9. Macro - Got this dragon fly in my yard on my dead tomato plant.
10. Masculine - My husbands razor is pretty masculine.
11. Feminine - I think these little perfume bottles are very cute and feminine.
12. Light - I love the light flair in this photo of my husband, and another indulgence!
13. Eco friendly - We don't buy bottled water. Using the filtered water from the fridge keeps a lot of plastic bottles out of our landfills.
14. Business - I had a tough time with this one so I went with some office supplies.
15. An arrow - Finally found one. This was harder then I thought it would be!
16. Wet - Nothing wetter then a good shower in the morning!
17. Dry - This is a sad leaf on my sad and dead tomato plant.
18. Butterfly - Couldn't believe I was able to get this the other day. It actually sat still for a few seconds!
19. Heart shaped cloud - Saw this right before I got the butterfly shot. I really didn't think I was going to find either one!
20. Strength - I went with symbolism for this one. I think my marriage is strong and our gold bands are a symbol of that strength.
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  1. Amazing, beautiful shots......

    Love your contrast shot especially!

  2. contrast, macro, wet, and strength are my favs! great collection!

  3. Wow, these are all SO excellent. I love the "wet" and "contrast"! I love them all, actually!

  4. you're a great photog! I love the bokeh in so many of your shots! It's really hard to pick a favorite!

  5. Wonderful shots! I love your photos for something wet and strength. I think my very favorite photo is the one for contrast. Beautiful

  6. Love the contrast shot and the dragonfly is amazing. And how did you manage to get the wet shot without soaking your camera?

  7. I love love love your photographs - I think my favorites are your macro and contrast shots. Nice work Christine.

  8. Your macro shot is out of this world! Congrats on gettin those little boogers...they are way too fast for me! I tried!

  9. All of your shots are great! I can't pick a favorite!

  10. love, love, love the dragonfly. the contrast shot is pretty cool too!

  11. Wow, you did awesome with the Challenge!! I love the bokeh in so many of your photos, I had many favorites that caught my eye, especially wet, light, strength, macro. Thanks for participating and I hope you join us again in October!


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